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HS Autoservice provides a mobile brake service, specialising in brake repairs for any make or model of vehicle, so whether your brakes need replacing, repairing or just checking, we can normally carry this out on the same day.


Brakes require maintenance just like any other part of your vehicle servicing requirements, as they will deteriorate and wear over time. Therefore it’s important that you can spot the most common faults that suggest your brakes are in need of attention.



  • Grinding noise when braking

  • Pull to the left or right when braking

  • Brake pedal feels spongy

  • Hand brake comes up higher than normal or not holding

  • Wobble through steering when braking

  • Brake pad warning light on

  • ABS light on


Our services include:

  • Brake pad and or disc replacement

  • Brake shoe replacement

  • Wheel cylinder replacement

  • Hand brake adjustment

  • Brake clean and adjustment

  • Brake fluid change(Manufacturer's recommendation)

  • Brake inspection

  • Brake system faults

  • ABS faults


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