All modern vehicles are fitted with onboard computers to run and monitor the internal workings of the vehicle. 

These processes ensure your vehicle is operating within its manufactured parameters, keeping all systems related to your vehicle operating correctly and safely.


If for whatever reason a fault occurs on one of your vehicle systems the onboard computer will detect this and store what's called a fault code or DTC.

In most cases the onboard computer will illuminate a warning light on your dash panel indicating to you, the driver there is a fault The most common warning lights indicating faults are:


  • Engine light

  • ABS light

  • Airbag light


Note: there are many other types of warning lights but these are the three main onboard systems fitted to nearly all modern vehicles. Most other warning lights are model specific.
At HS Autoservice our dealership level trained technicians, use the most up to date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in your vehicle, by reading and interpreting the fault code that caused the warning light to illuminate and begin to diagnose the probable cause of the fault.

The diagnostic equipment we operate covers most vehicles on the road today.